Development Strategy & Competitiveness

Our Activities:

We Develop for industrial sectors and related services:

  • International, regional and national markets analysis,
  • Strategic positioning of the sector with regard international competition
  • Impact of implementation of a free zone agreement/ customs union on the sector efficiency
  • Strategy and an action plan to enhance companies' competitiveness and the business environment, develop export and foreign and local investment and enhance quality
  • Assistance to Supporting Institutions and Business Associations in the implementation of the designed strategies through the conducting of business meetings, cluster development, policy support, law and regulation amendments, pilot programs for business upgrading, and institutional strengthening as well. 

Our References:

We developed Sectorial Strategies enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs and formulated Action Plans for export and investment development, value chain widening, Cluster Development, and improved Business Environment:

  • The Garment Strategy & Action Plan, JORDAN within EJADA  technical assistance project;
  • A strategic study of the Tunisian furniture industry for Euro-Tunisia-Enterprise that highlight the impact of the Europe Union-Tunisia  Trade Agreement on local companies and develop strategies for both ailing and competitive companies;
  • A strategic study and an action plan to enhance the Tunisian knitwear industry within the Euro-Tunisia-Enterprise technical assistance project;
  • Developed for Jordan Chamber of Industry- JCI a Strategy and Action Plan to restructure and improve the competitiveness of Jordan Ceramic Industry;
  • Developed for Jordan Chamber of Industry- JCI a Strategy and Action Plan to restructure and improve the competitiveness of Jordan Steel Industry;
  • Assisted in the design of the Tunisian Chemical Center  of  a strategic study for the chemical sector
  • Designed for EJADA (Euro-Jordanian Action for Development of Enterprise), Jordan Free zone map, and Industrial map;
  • Developed for ATU "Agadir Technical Unit" a regional strategy "Opportunities for cumulating of origin & complementarities in the sector of textiles & apparel in the member states of the Arab Mediterranean Free trade Agreement of Agadir";
  • Developed for ATU a regional strategy "Opportunities for the accumulation of origin & complementarities in the sector of "Leather & Shoes" in the member states of the Arab Mediterranean Free trade Agreement of Agadir";
In support of the implementation of some of the above-mentioned strategies,
  • We conducted mentoring support & provided advocacy of private sector's interest in assisting Amman/ Jordan Chamber of Industry, and support cluster creation JGATE (Jordan Garment Association), Jordan Shoes and Leather Association and JFEMA (Jordan Furniture of Exporters Association) and Automotive Manufacturers Association, the Jordan Steel Manufacturers' Association, the ceramic focus  group  in performing the followings: 
  • Assist in the creation of the Tunisian  knitwear cluster performing common actions in design, market research, value chain widening sourcing and dying  of knitted fabrics; 
  • Formulating for Jordan Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) proposals to implement designed strategies and alleviate impediments to Trade and SME development including simplification of procedures, improvement of port facilities and transportation;
  • Value chain widening: providing capacity building for the Jordan Garment Design Centre, and assist in the setting up of a furniture design center.
  • Strengthening of supporting services (maintenance, laboratory and vocational training centers);
  • Assist in conducting collective export market research for a group of Jordanian Garment exporters targeting the European garment market;
  • Assist in conducting outsourcing strategy for the Jordanian Garment Manufacturers and mentoring outreach of fabric, yarn and accessories supply from Italy and Turkey in substitution of imports from China enabling cumulating of origin when exporting to the EU;
  • Assist the footwear cluster in implementing safeguard measures against Chinese products;
  • Assist  the ceramic focus group and the Jordan  MoIT in formulating and establishing safeguard measures against imports;
  • Assist the Steel Manufacturers in claiming the enforcement of safeguard measures against imports;
  • Conduct a value chain analysis and Business Plan including a working capital restructuring and financing mentoring to enable 22 garment SMEs to shift from their current situation of subcontractors to become exporters of ready-to-sell products; and
  • Conduct value chain analysis and benchmarking for the following sub-sectors: fruit and vegetables, processed food,  cosmetics,  engineering and medical equipment
In support of the implementation of the above-mentioned strategy, we conduct the following pilot programs: 
  • Elaboration, within the "Euro-Tunisia-Enterprise" technical assistance program (European Union program) of  Marketing strategy and development of five years business strategies as pilot programs  for six ready-made garments' companies & for eighteen furniture enterprises; and
  • Conduct, within the UNIDO technical assistance program, a marketing strategy, organization restructuring and development of five years business strategies as a pilot program for eleven ready-made garments' companies; 
Benchmarking Analysis, strategic positioning, market strategy & export plan for the following sub-sectors:
  • Women's underwear
  • Children's ready-to-wear
  • Women's ready-to-wear
  • Jeans and trousers
  • Tee-shirts and pullovers
  • Cheese products
  • Canned fish & tuna products
  • Canned fruit, vegetables & tomatoes
  • Processed Fruit & vegetables
  • Dates
  • Pastries & cake
  • Wheat products
  • Processed food for animals
  • Glass and ceramic ware
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Rebar 

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