Foreign Investment Development & Investment Promotion Agency

Our services:

MTC provides a complete range of global investment consulting services that are tailored to your specific goals and target investment constraints as well. Our experienced multicultural consulting teams have the foresight to respond to challenges and solve your most complex investment problems in practical and cost-effective ways.

We have an extensive experience and knowledge of the followings:
  • Markets: France, UK, Belgium, KSA, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan; 
  • Sectors: Steel, Textile, Garment, Agribusiness, Leather, Footwear, Plastic. Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, electric and electronic, automotive and ITC, real estate, sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Customers: Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investors (FDI)  and Investment Promotion Agencies (FPA)

MTC provides solutions for FDI development, delocalization and companies' internationalization &  Institutional strengthening for Investment Promotion Agency (IPA): 

Investment location:
  • Evaluate and identify the best location according to:
    • Business climate
    • Transportation access of goods and staff
    • Cost of land and construction
    • Availability and duration of construction
    • Lease Cost
    • Leasing process duration
    • Upgrading of construction
    • Proximity to markets for finished products, raw materials and labor
    • Quality and availability  of maintenance, training and subcontracting services
    • Compliance cost with environment security and safety regulations
    • Availability of utilities and cost of use
    • Permitted uses
    • Government incentives
    • Financial Support
  • Cost benefit analysis of potential impact of reallocating activities between existing facilities, delocalization to Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and establishing expansion in new sites or scaling downs existing ones.
  • Assess your existing locations in line with your expansion efficiency requirements and determine the optimal location to expected expansion.
  • Identification and assessment of local partners:
    • For construction: constructors, architects, civil engineers, electricity, fluid engineers;
    • For access to needed utilities;
    • For maintenance, recruitment  and training;
    • Logistics;
    • Subcontracting;
    • Distribution and sales; and
    • Procurement  
Services to inward and outward investors, importers and exporters:

O ur consulting network provides for our clients needed services to identify, assess, select and monitor of franchises, certified sub-contractors, suppliers, and importers to support your imports and exports:

  • From and to the following countries: France, UK, Belgium, KSA, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Jordan; and
  • For the following sectors: Steel, Textile, Garment, Leather, Footwear, Plastic, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Electric and Electronic, Automotive and ITC, Real Estate, Sewage Treatment and Industrial Waste Water Treatment

We assist also investors, importers and exporters in the followings:

  • Quality certification for  companies exporting to KSA, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Jordan;
  • Setting up of Liaison Office, Branch Office, subsidiary company, joint venture, creation of new projects;
  • Procurement mentoring and assistance in selecting contractors, and drafting terms of reference, tender dossier and contracts; and
  • Export and import procedures, industrial property license, incentives, logistics, finance, and all related issues with regard company creation or extension: Registration, get needed utilities, industrial areas, and construction permit.

We conducted for the above sectors and markets needed studies to identify opportunities of investment, and formulate business plans, assistance for company creation, and domiciliation of companies during the starting process, financial coaching and assistance in project management.

Securing permits: facilitate contract, communication and securing permits with regard:

  • Local stakeholders, Trades unions  and Business Associations
  • Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Tax Authorities
  • Utility providers
  • Facilitate Government incentives and support and assist in negotiating additional benefits

Assist in investment implementation in an optimal way (time and cost effectively)

Project and Program Management:

MTC will provide you advice and assistance in conducting Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment operations between EU countries, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Jordan.

MTC assistance will cover all stages of initiation, planning, and implementation of Inward and Outward FDI:

  • Project initiation:
    • Elaboration of Project Document
  • Identification of project scope, activities, objectives, stakeholders, definition of inputs and outputs, and definition of the project road map milestones and charter:
  • Obtain the approval of stakeholders and launching of the project.
  • Project Planning:
    • Project Work Plan
    • Program Business Plan
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring and control
Market Intelligence:

MTC previous experience, in conducting several Sector Strategies and Export Development Plans covering EU and Arab Countries, collected   global, EU and Arab imports and exports and market share by country for major industrial products and determined the volume of the EU, Arab & Gulf countries' demand and export opportunities to these countries.  

We contributed in designing technology watch systems providing detailed technical information on the state of the art technology for each production process prevailing in the furniture and the plastic sectors

Our data base "Insights Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and Libya" provides export and import market share of each product and for each country, and information on business environment and legal framework. 

Foreign investment operations:

MTC will help international companies in performing in Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, KSA and Egypt the followings:

  • Identify, prioritize and seize business opportunities
  • Elaborate Investment Strategy and Business Plan
  • Acquisition of companies and Investment in merger/demerger
  • Evaluation of companies (Assets ;liabilities and profitability's)
  • Design of merging/demerging strategy and business plan
  • Capital market analysis and development of business models
  • World class financing support, that develop tailored financing tools and financial communication strategy to outreach funding providers.

 Investment Attraction Strategy Building:
  • Providing you with available data  enabling to compare your Business climate with those of your competitors;
  • Conducting  Investor Perception Survey enabling identification of Worst and Best Practices;
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPI's);
  • Benchmarking with successful locations and IPAs: Most of Government Agencies promoting foreign investment use comparable promotional tools and targeting similar industries. We offer you the possibility to differentiate your IP Agency from your competitors;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • Formulating tailored promotion tools to position your location as being different or better than others;
  • Identifying and enhancing the implementation of priority success factors for attracting investment;
  • Enhancing performance in promoting investment location areas, investors' outreach, business retention and aftercare; and
  • Closing and selling existing sites: Evaluation of closing risk, closing procedures and cost, negotiation with government and labor authorities for closing incentives repayment, and closing alternatives for your employees and potential buyers. 
IPA's Capacity Building:

Enhance management capabilities of IPAs:

  • Conducting study tours, twinning and partnership agreement with IPAs of partners countries;
  • Designing and implementing training programs for IPAs staff; and
  • Providing mentoring for senior managers and executives to tackle major investment promotion issues 

Enhance investment capabilities of Business Associations and investors: 

  • Conducting study tours, business missions, linkages, twinning and partnership agreement for investors and Business Association representatives of investment recipient countries with their counterpart in outward investing countries;
  • Providing mentoring, designing and implementing training programs for investors and BAs staff; and
  • Designing and establishing data bases providing investors' needed information on :
    • Global FDI development trends
    • Trends in corporate internationalization
    • Investment location
    • Incentives  which tracks information on all major financial subsidies and incentives deals being awarded by country, and related regions and sectors
    • Business climate in Inward and outward investing countries
    • Investment opportunities in inward and outward investing countries
    • Idea of projects in inward and outward investing countries

Organizational development of the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA):

  • Evaluating the organizational activities and the existing structure
  • Diagnostic  the  monitoring and evaluation, the information and the cost accounting systems in place
  • Audit the quality, financial and procurement manual
  • Audit  the HR management manual
  • Conduct brain storming meetings with Staff and   Key Stakeholders
  • Conduct benchmarking with successful organizational structures IPA's worldwide
  • Gap Analysis; and
  • Recommendations  to meet IPA's challenges 

IPA's Development Plan: 

  • HR development plan
  • IT and monitoring and evaluation development plan
  • Operating procedures development plan
  • New Organizational Structure
  • Clear Communication Channels
  • Good Governance Principles 

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