Industrial Area Agency, Free Zones, and Industrial Parks

Our Services:

  1. Evaluate available sites for the setting up of free zones, and industrial, commercial, administrative and or financial areas and select the optimal location based on the above critical criteria's:
    • Development cost
    • Availability of labor
    • Transportation access to goods and staff
    • Cost of land and construction
    • Proximity to markets, raw materials, services, maintenance, training, labor
    • Compliance cost with environment and safety regulations
    • Availability of utilities and cost of use
    • Government incentives
  2. Design of industrial areas' map, and free zone map
  3. Design and set up of industrial areas, free zones, industrial cities and technological parks:
    • Land use planning
    • Transferring property status and  solving related real sate legal  issues
    • Developing an integrated infrastructure in one location including, high-power electric supplies. High-end communications cables. Large volume water supplies, high volume gas lines and roadways and railroad sidings facilitating access to ports, airports, and logistic areas.
    • Laying out available land to meet industrial project needs: roadwork, access to transport infrastructure, access to utilities: water, electricity, gas, telecommunication, water treatment, evacuation of wastewater,…
    • Developing  and Construction of Industrial premises, dedicated premises for support services to industries (dormitory, maintenance, training centers, laboratories, research centers, banking agencies, government authorities, civil protection, spa, recreation facilities, medical center, and all other needed services that could be provided cost effectively)
    • Developing cluster through the dissemination of the French experience of Research clusters and of SME-based Italian districts that were one of the many factors that motivated economic development organizations across the world to adopt cluster promotion as an approach to stimulate, research and development, growth and job creation.
    • Setting up of clusters that help SMEs internationalizing production, investing in Research and Development and subcontracting for big companies;
    • Developing environment-friendly industrial estates and implementing strategies and practices, ensuring environmentally sound management of waste and chemicals, making efficient use of natural resources and reducing pollution and risks for humans and the environment; and
    • Sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment

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