Institutional Strengthening

Our activities:

  •     Designing business plan, upgrading strategy and work program for the setting up of business development institutions, technical centers, incubators and business development centers;
  •     Designing business plan, upgrading strategy and work program for the setting up of business association, export promotion, information, and training centers;  
  •     Designing organization structures, manuals of procedure, and project documents for the setting up of upgrading programs and technical assistance projects; and
  •     Managing and assisting in the modernization of business upgrading institutions and technical assistance projects. 

Our references:

  • Designing and implementation of the Jordanian Upgrading Program;
  • Designing for EJADA the Jordanian Industrial Upgrading Strategy;
  • Participating in all stages of the implementation of the Tunisian Upgrading Program;
  • Developing Donors' outreach study  for  the setting up of an SME support project, a Grant Fund, and a Guarantee Fund; 
  • Setting up within ACED program of incubators developing start-ups; backward linkages with incoming foreign investment; management and vocational training;
  • Designing for the UEMOA "Economic  Monetary Union of Western Africa" of a Manual of Procedure for SME Upgrading;
  • Designing of a grant system promoting in Great Amman Municipality of an entrepreneurship development program based on the spin-off mechanism;
  • Designing and development of the organizational chart of the Technical Centre of Textile
  • Elaborated, for UNIDO, a Marketing strategy for Palestinian textile companies, carried out a seminar in Amman-Jordan and drafted a methodological guide to enhance Palestinian consultancy capabilities in undertaking marketing and business strategies and upgrading programs;
  • Organized for Jordanian officials, within the EJADA technical Assistance  Program and JICA (Japanese Technical Cooperation program),  study tours enabling a practical knowledge of Tunisian experience regarding:
    • The Tunisian upgrading program;
    • The Tunisian FDI policies and organization;
    • The Tunisian experience in developing incubator, startup, and SME creation;
    • The Tunisian experience in vocational training; and
    • The Tunisian experience in supporting, Micro-project, SME creation & financing.
  • Designed a training guide and conducted   workshops in Marketing, and Business Strategies within the UNIDO project « training program for  trainers » organized in CETTEX ( Tunisian textile technical center) and aiming to strengthen the capabilities of Tunisian trainers;
  • ITC/Khartoum-Design and  setting up of a training center in export and import operations and technics;
  • ITC/Khartoum-Design and  setting up of a trade information center; and OCT/ ITC Design and setting up of a non-profit organization "the Tunisian Association of procurement managers" developing training, consultancy and trade information among importer s; and
  • Design master plans for the setting up of industrial areas and free zones in Jordan. 

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