Market Research & Export Promotion Activities

Our activities:

  • Export promotion strategic studies, (country/product)
  • Strategic positioning studies towards competition.
  • Export market research.
  • Trade information's systems and international databases connection.
  • Sales promotion: consumer/distributor inquiry, product's references and positioning towards competition, labeling and advertising.
  • CRM expertize.

Our references: 

  • Monitoring of export promotion projects implemented by the International Trade Centre (United Nations Organization providing technical assistance in export promotion) :
    •             Trade representatives abroad
    •             Organization of trade fairs abroad.
    •             Trade Information: needs analysis, collection, and dissemination.
  • Implementation of partner research missions for French investors, in Tunisia and Morocco, Euro challenge PARIS 1998-1999;
  • Implementation of several commercial prospecting missions in Europe, Asia, and Africa;
  • ITC- Conduct a study "potential export development to Algeria of Tunisian automotive spare parts" 2005;
  • PMI(EU-Tunisian Industrial Modernization Program): Assistance of Tunisian Garment Factories to shift from subcontracting to exporting finished products: VEGA CONFECTION, CYMOD, SICOVET, SOLINCA, FLYTEX, SMTC TEXCO, ZAOUI CREATION, CONFEXPORT, TNC,…;
  • Prepared, for the United Nation Development Program and the Tunisian Ministry of Trade a comprehensive study identifying, for each range of product, opportunities, and threats for export development;
  • Developed databases, for the main industrial sectors, presenting for each product:
    • An analysis of the national exports and the evolution of their market shares in the EU, US, Gulf countries and Arab markets
    • An analysis of the exports of competitor countries such as China, and Turkey

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