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  • Brands are being scrutinized as never: Customers have become very powerful; they shop around the globe, share their experiences and cross-check information with thousands of other consumers and develop very high expectations that only a few companies can meet. 
  • The advent of social marketing has disrupted marketing practices. Mass marketing and the one size fits all is out of date. Instead, intimacy with the customers and lasting connection are required to remain on the list of the favorite brands. Marketing people need to 
  • Hyper-competition means that the number of players competing for the consumers’ attention is so big that the customer risks being overloaded by information and may eventually become irresponsive to communication actions.
  • Marketing is a zero-sum game, the more media time/space your competitor buys, the less you will have left. This situation has led to increased sales and marketing budgets at the expense of more value-creating processes.
  • Customer behavior is becoming highly unpredictable. In a context of crisis, the consumers have less money to spend, thus new consumption patterns are emerging and products are being interchanged very easily.

Our services:

We support our clients in the following areas:
Strategic marketing: Marketing strategy aims to answer a set of specific questions related to the implementation of the strategic choices as defined in an earlier step by the corporate strategy in line with the company vision. 
MTC provides guidance to answer the following critical questions:
  • Who are the customers the company is willing to serve?
  • In which markets the company should be selling its products/services?
  • Which customer needs the company will be addressing?
  • According to which timeframe growth is planned?
  • How to ensure the profitability of the business model and operations?
  • Which core competencies and activities need to be performed?
Branding: Branding is the complete process that starts with making customers more aware of the brand and goes up to lead them to the purchase decision. Brands are extremely valuable to companies. Coca Cola’s was estimated to be worth $66 billion. Brands matter even more for B2B businesses. Contrarily to the common belief that companies buy products rationally following their standard purchasing procedure, and suggesting the uselessness of branding, it has been found that the most prominent B2B companies like IBM, Oracle, Maersk…. managed to stand out from their peers by building a strong brand image. Therefore, companies, especially large corporations, heavily invest to ensure that their brands are strong and capable of delivering a rewarding experience to the customers. Yet, shaping and maintaining the value of a brand in people’s perception requires a deep understanding of not only the expectation of the customer segment in terms of quality, reliability… but also their innermost values and subjectivity.
In this respect, MTC supports its clients in:
  • Creating a distinctive personality for the brand
  • Measuring brand strength in terms of presence, relevance, and bonding
  • Comparing the brand’s strength to the competitors’
  • Managing brand portfolios in companies that own several brands by ensuring that all the brands are consistent and complementary to each other. 
  • Repositioning the brand in accordance with the evolution of customer values and the emerging new customer segments. 
Pricing: Price is the most straightforward factor determining the profits of a company. Thus, to maximize profits, especially over a long time span, a deep understanding of how price setting impacts the positioning of the company and the consumption behavior is required.
There are various pricing strategies to be adopted depending on the costs, competition, customers and positioning objectives. 
We provide support in designing a pricing strategy that enables the clients to:
  • Determine the price to quality ratio considered as fair by the consumers to assess the suitability of the current prices of the various products offered and their fit with respect to the whole marketing mix. 
  • Seize the opportunity of customers willing to pay higher through price differentiation across customer segments, locations, and channels.
  • Enjoy higher margins thanks to price bundling and complementary pricing
  • Align with the competition in case of price wars.
  • Adjust their prices while remaining consistent with their brand image. 
Sales and channel management: Sales is a costly activity that requires heavy investment in people, training, channels...Yet, the return is not always proportional to the expenditures. To optimize the return of the sales activities, a sophisticated management system is needed. We help our clients organize sales by fostering the capabilities of the salespeople and expanding customer reach while ensuring the seamlessness of the interactions across the channels.
MTC supports its clients in:
  • Defining the right mix of channels (telemarketing, social media, salesforce, partners…) through which customers are acquired and retained.
  • Undertaking actions to manage channel conflict
  • Achieving sales growth by identifying cross-selling opportunities and 
  • Building a performant sales team, providing training and ensuring motivation through an appropriate incentive scheme.
  • Designing a performance measurement system to track sales performance and enable to act in a timely manner.

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