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In the current economic context, companies have resorted to consolidation to maximize market share and are continuing to internationalize to benefit from location-related advantages. 
As companies get bigger, the need to redefine their structure becomes a requirement to keep the visibility and to ensure the good functioning of operations.
International companies need to address the following issues:
People, processes, and tools:
  • To which extent having an international career is valued in the organization?
  • What is the profile of an international manager?
  • How to assist the expatriated staff?
  • How to craft a compensation system that encourages international attractiveness and mobility?
  • How to distribute the HR processes and tools across the headquarters and the branches?


  • To which extent the HR function at the branch level should be independent of the headquarters?
  • Which system should be used to control the human resources at the level of branches/subsidiaries
Legal and Tax: 
  • For which decisions should the company rely on a local juridical expert?
  • How to ensure compensation fairness for the people with the same profession located in different regions?
  • Which labor practices should be harmonized (e.g. working conditions, benefits…)
In the context of mergers & acquisitions, companies need to:
  • Take HR-related decisions such as layoffs, mobility, and reassignments, to ensure productivity objectives are met.
  • Manage change and promote cohesion between different work cultures.
  • Make the old and new team need work collaboratively, learn from one another and build trust.
  • Review the information system.
  • Rebalance the powers within the organization to ensure social peace.

Our services:

MTC provides its clients with assistance in the domains of organizational set-up and HR management. More, in particular, our interventions are related to:
  • Designing organizations 
  • Resource planning
  • Human resource management:
    • Hiring and selection
    • Training and development
    • Performance evaluation
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Employment termination
    • HR reporting and administration

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