Privatization: Strategy & Implementation

Our services:

  • Assist in the design and the setting up of the Tunisian privatization program and related safeguard measures ( regulation and policies, privatization financing fund, staff restructuring fund)
  • Assist in the development of a restructuring and a privatization plan of SOTEMI- (A Tunisian mining company)
  • Evaluation of assets of the mine of FEJ HASSINE (mine of zinc and silver) and assist in conducting the needed arbitrage for assets disposal to COMINO.
  • Assist in the privatization of SMMT (ex- PANAROYA) by assets disposal.
  • Assist in the evaluation of assets and financial restructuring as a prerequisite for the privatization of the following companies:
    • La Société du Nord El Jouloud ( Tannery),
    • L'Evolution Economique (Whole sailor),
    • La société ELLOUHOUM (Import production and distribution of meat)
    • La SIAC (Packaging of sugar and tea),
    • La STIL ( Production and trade of agro-food products )
  • Assist in the de-merging of the STIL in three companies:
    • Magasin Général : Chain of supermarkets
    • STIL INDUSTRIE : Production of milk and dairy products
    • STIL DATTES : Production and export of dates
  • Assist in the merging of the SDMM (Chain of supermarkets) with the Magasin General
  • Assist in the formulation of a strategy for the privatization of the Tunisian cement companies and assist in the elaboration of terms of reference and request for proposals for the diagnostic and evaluation of Tunisian cement companies 
  • Assist in the privatization, staff restructuring and business upgrading of a public ailing company (Manufacture of canned tuna of Sidi Daoud) to come up with a private company equipped with the state of art technology and exporting quality products

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