In the era of e-business, technology has become a highly valued asset that significantly impacts the overall performance of an organization. Information Technology (IT) is not merely a commodity or a bunch of tools used by the company to support the delivery of their products/services but is at the core of the product/service design and accounts for an important part of the final value offered to the customer.
In this respect, companies need to:
  • Ensure the continuity of IT provision as well as the quality of IT services.
  • Train users effectively:  a company can own cutting-edge technologies but if its people do not use it properly, no real benefits can be enjoyed by the business. For this reason, user training is paramount in addition to a responsive help desk for roadblock remedies.
  • Manage development properly: the client and solution provider (internal or external) should work in tandem to ensure they have a mutual understanding of the requirements of the software, that those requirements address the needs of the end users and that the solution provider will respect the standards set by the client. As software development projects are not linear and require the commitment of resources from both parties, coordination becomes key.
  • Ensure security: CIOs should be fully aware of the risks threatening the IT system (intrusions, denial of service, malware, spoofing, phishing…), develop and implement when necessary plans to ensure security and maximize incident recovery.

Our services:

We advise our clients on all IT related activities including:
  • Dashboards and Reporting Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Enterprise Ressource Planning
  • IT strategy
  • IT portfolio management
  • IT resource management
  • IT service provisioning
  • User training and helpdesk
  • Application and database development
  • IT disaster recovery planning and response and security management

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