MTC,  Management and Technology Consulting is a (Limited Liability) company providing consulting services in strategy & business development, marketing, e-commerce and ITC since its creation in 1996 and benefit from the experience of its founder and general manager who is performing consulting activities since 1980.

MTC   has a large experience in English,  Arabic, and French-speaking Developing countries (Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, KSA, Morocco & Sudan) and Developed countries ( Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

MTC designed and assisted in the development of marketing strategies, sectorial strategic studies that include export investment and upgrading plans, policy support and institutional support Diagnostic,  business plans, feasibility studies, and business upgrading services.


Concerned sectors:

  • Textile, Garment & Footwear
  • Wood & Furniture
  • Processed food
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics
  • Tourism &  Handicraft
  • ICT
  • Trade & Logistics
  • Health
  • Training
  • Financial facilities

Concerned  Markets:

  • Tunisia
  • Jordan
  • Agadir area (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan)
  • European market
  • Gulf countries market
  • US market

 Our clients are   Multinational companies, SMEs, Government  &   international  institutions such as  :

  • ETE : European Union Project For Promotion Of Tunisian Industries
  • EJADA : European Union Project For Promotion Of Jordanian Industries
  • USAID : United States Assistance for International Development
  • UNIDO: United Nations For Industrial Development Organisation
  • International Trade Centre : United Nations Organisation for Trade Development
  • ATU-Agadir Agreement (Egypt. Jordan, Morocco & Tunisia)
  • API (Tunisian Industrial Promotion Agency) /CEPEX (Tunisian Export Promotion Centre) / CETTEX (Tunisian Textile and Technical Centre)/BMN(Tunisian  Office for Upgrading/UTICA (Tunisian Businessmen Association)
  • JEDCO(Jordan Enterprise Development Cooperation)/JUMP(Jordan Upgrading Program); MIT (Jordan Ministry of industry & Trade); JCI (Jordan Chamber of Industry)

We are endowed with two departments:

  • Department of Strategy & Business Development that covers: Development of Strategies; Institutional Strengthening; Diagnostic, Business Plans & Feasibility Studies; Privatization; Market Research; Trade & Logistics
  • Department of Information Technology

Department of Strategy & Business Development


Our activities


Production, Management, IT,  Human Resources & Marketing Diagnostic, Financial Audit, Benchmarking analysis, Strategic positioning, Marketing Strategy and Upgrading, Restructuring and Development Plans


Feasibility study, Business Plan, Foreign Investment Development & assistance to the establishment of new investors.

Our references in Tunisia

  • Ready-to-wear and clothing industries
  • MSK:  German company specialised in woman ready-to-wear production.
  • SOBREL: embroidering for export company
  • LYNDA: embroidering for export company
  • SARRALUX EXPORT: embroidering for export company
  • INTEX: pull-over production.
  • MATRIC: pull-over production
  • KAVIRA: Dutch company , manufacturer of children ready-to-wear
  • IDUNA: Dutch company specialised in woman underwear.
  • FLORITEX: German company of shirt production.
  • EIKO-Tunisia: German company producing work wear
  • SOBITEX: Manufacturer of jeans
  • Samah Confection: Manufacturer of jeans
  • Fella Confection: Manufacturer of woman ready-to-wear
  • STCM: manufacturer of children ready-to-wear
  • Textile City: manufacturer of fabrics
  • SINUTEX: Manufacturer of sportswear
  • MMT: production of socks
  • DHAOU BELGACEM: production of socks
  • ICAB: manufacturer of fabrics
  • SOMOBAS: production of socks
  • SOFA: manufacturer of fabrics
  • PERSOVET: manufacturer of labels
  • MET: manufacturer of garment accessories
  • BECOTEX: Manufacturer of sportswear
  • DANAMODE: Manufacturer of sportswear
  • IMETEX: Manufacturer of sportswear
  • MAMO: Manufacturer of workwear
  • SOPRODITE: Manufacturer of knitwear

  • Furniture industry:
  • MEUBLENTUB: office furniture.
  • SOCIETE EPTIKAR: Hotel’s Furniture.
  • INTERIEUR: office and living-room’s furniture.
  • SOCIETE NOVAMEUBLE: furniture industry.
  • MEUBLES NASRA: furniture industry
  • INTERDECOR :Home  furniture
  • TUNICUISINE: kitchen’s furniture production.
  • ABRA PLAST CONFORT : Office furniture
  • FERRONERIE D’ART: Metal home furniture
  • SOTRABOIS: Wood production
  • CHROME DÉCOR: Decoration items
  • MARSAOUI: Hotel furniture and decoration

  • Food industry

  • SMID CHAMSA : Cereal milling
  • TUNISIE-LAIT : diary products
  • ETABLISSEMENT AMEUR BEN AMOR: packaging and export of seafood .
  • ESSOUANI : cheese production.
  • OLLE : cheese production.
  • Agri-Business-Company: canned tuna fish production.
  • SOSTEM: Mineral water

  • Chemical industry:
  • PRESTIGE TUNISIE: production of cosmetics.
  • INDUSTRIE CHIMIQUE DE TUNISIE (ICT) : production of cosmetics
  • AIR LIQUIDE TUNISIE :  French company specialised in industrial gas

  • Mechanic, electric and electronic industry

  • SACEM: Public share holding company of Electro-mechanic Construction ( electric transformers production)
  • SUPER CABLES: electric wire production,
  • ACEM: electric closet and component production.
  • ETA:   German company, specialised in electric components.
  • VEGE MOTEURS: engine production

  • Plastic industry

  • FCS:  polypropylene bags  production for exports.
  • MANUFACTURE TUNISIENNE DE MATIERE PLASTIQUE ( MTMP) : plastic pipes, tubes and sanitary articles
  • COFISAC: polypropylene bag  production
  • Packaging industry
  • METALPACK: metallic packaging production

  • Transportation, port unloading & handling:
  • Office des céréales de Tunisie: Elaboration of a diagnostic and an Action Plan to improve the unloading and transportation of wheat in Tunisian Ports;
  • Creation of  two port terminals for  mechanical loading and unloading of  wheat in the Ports of Bizerte and Gabes;
  • Office de Commerce de Tunisie :

- Creation of a port terminal for mechanical handling of sugar.

- Creation of a factory terminal for mechanical handling of tea.

  •  Information & Communication Technology:
  • Raja Informatique: IT company designing software and websites
  • Designed a feasibility study for the creation of a call centre
  • Tourism & handicraft:
  • ACED program participate in the design of the handicraft strategy for Aqaba, Jordan
  • ACED conduct diagnostic studies and upgrading plan for three hotels: Days Inn, Moone Village and Bedouin Village
  • Designed a feasibility study for the creation of a manufacturing company of olive wood handicraft.
  •  Designed a restructuring plan and privatisation strategy for the following hotels pertaining to OCT: Abou Nawas Hotel, Seffutela Hotel, Ezzahra Hotel.
  • Management Audit of SHTT (tourism company managing a chain of hotels)
  • Trade Sector:
  • OCT: participated in conducting the feasibility study and the setting up of two International Trading Companies (SCIT and Universal Export) targeting African and Arab countries.
  •  A feasibility study was conducted for the creation of an International Trading Company of commodities (sugar, wheat and coffee) targeting exporting to Islamic countries imported commodities from the Global Market.

Our references in Jordan

  • Furniture: AYOUBI Steel Furniture, MAANI Specialised Furniture, PROTECH Furniture, JWICO, FORUM, MAANI component furniture.
  • Food industry: Gulf Food Products: Ketchup, canned fruit and vegetables; Universal Industries: Biscuits and canned vegetables
  • Ceramic Industry: International Ceramic Industries, ALMAS, JOCECA
  • Plastic Industry: Orient Plastic, North Fleet for Plastic Industries, Arab Technical Company, Al Hussam, Al Wafaa,
  • Trailer and compactors manufacturing: Nasser Industrial and Environmental Project
  • Garment industry: MRAI, 
  • Packaging: NISSAN; Zalloum Group
  • Ceramic ware and glass ware manufacturing: DIMLAJ,
  • Steel industry: Jordan Steel, Petra Steel, United Steel

Financing Support to SMEs

Our activities

  • Formulate proposals for developing equity and loan guarantee funds and fiscal incentives for the development of venture capital and loan guarantee schemes for SMEs;
  • Conduct  financing diagnostics, feasibility studies and business plans for SME creation and business upgrading;
  • Financial coaching;
  • Portfolio management; and
  • Design monthly cash flow plans, and a working capital strengthening and financing support plans.

Our references

  • Within Euro-Jordanian Action for Development “EJADA” project, we participated in the design of a comprehensive SME financing system for Jordan including proposals for developing funds and fiscal incentives for the development of venture capital and loan guarantee schemes for SMEs.
  • We conducted hundreds of financing diagnostics, feasibility studies and business plans for SME creation and business upgrading covering major economic sectors in Industry, agro-business and services.
  • PMI: Designed of Business Plans including monthly cash flow plans, a working capital strengthening and financing support and mentor to enable 30 garments SME to shift from their current situation of subcontractors to become exporters of ready to sell products.
  • ATU-Designed a project document and  formulated a request for the support of the European Investment Bank, of a Loan Guarantee fund to facilitate the financing of SMEs’ working capital when developing intra-trade between Agadir countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan) 

PRIVATISATION: Strategy & Implementation; Evaluation of Assets:

We conducted the followings:

Assist in the design and the setting up of the Tunisian privatisation program and related safeguard measures ( regulation and policies, privatisation financing fund, staff restructuring fund)

 Assist in the development of a restructuring and a privatisation plan of SOTEMI- (A Tunisian mining company)

Evaluation of assets of the mine of FEJ HASSINE (mine of zinc and silver) and assist in conducting the needed arbitrage for assets disposal to COMINO.

Assist in the privatisation of SMMT (ex- PANAROYA) by assets disposal.

Assist in  the evaluation of assets, demerging and financial restructuring as a prerequisite for the privatisation of the following companies: 

  • La Société du Nord El Jouloud ( Tannery),
  • L’Evolution Economique (Whole salor),
  • La société ELLOUHOUM (Import production and distribution of meat)
  • La SIAC (Packaging of sugar and tea),
  • La STIL ( Production and trade of agro-food products )

Assist in the demerging of the STIL in three companies:

  • Magasin Général : Chain of supermarkets
  • STIL INDUSTRIE : Production of milk and dairy products
  • STIL DATTES : Production and export of dates

Assist in the merging of the SDMM (Chain of supermarkets) with the  Magasin General

Assist in the formulation of a strategy for the privatisation of the Tunisian cement companies and assist in the elaboration of terms of reference and request for proposals  for the diagnostic and evaluation of Tunisian cement companies

Assist in the privatisation, staff restructuring and business upgrading of a public ailing company (Manufacture of canned tuna of Sidi Daoud) to come up with a private company equipped with the state of art technology and exporting quality products 

Staff restructuring & Training

We developed the following training activities:

  • Achieved several staff restructuring programs
  • USAID/Proposal for Jordan of a Public staff restructuring model through the spin-off mechanism
  • Formulated HR and Management & Vocational Training Strategies and Action Plans  for the Garment Sector in Jordan and Tunisia
  • Conducted Human Resources assessment, training needs analysis and prepared training programs for the following companies: ETA; KAVIRA; IDUNA;VEGE MOTEURS
  • UNIDO: Designed  training guides and carried  out  « training for  trainers  » workshops in “marketing”; “benchmarking analysis”; ”production planning and monitoring”
  • Organised several training workshops for private companies: “training of training mangers”; “Cost accounting”; “Warehousing”; “Stock management”…
  • Organization of study tours
  • Design and setting up in Khartoum, Sudan of a self-sustained training centre for SME in export and import operations and techniques.

Quality systems:

Our activities:

  • Readiness assessments’ with regard ISO 22000; ISO 9000; GMP and CE Mark
  • Training  on ISO 22000; ISO 9000; GMP and CE Mark systems and procedures
  • Assisting company staff in setting up ISO 22000; ISO 9000; GMP and CE Mark, systems, organization and procedures
  • Setting up of quality control and testing systems and procedures

Our references:

  • Assist in the development of ISO 9000 and quality control systems for the following companies: ICT; SOUANI, OLLE
  • Assist within JUMPII (Jordan Upgrading Program II) in the setting up of food safety systems for eleven SMEs in the Agri-business sector
  • Assist within JUMPII (Jordan Upgrading Program II) in the setting up of GMP cosmetics ( EN ISO 22 716: 2007) systems for five SMEs  in the cosmetics and Dead Sea sector
  • Assist within JUMPII (Jordan Upgrading Program II) in the setting up of CE mark  for five companies
  •  Assist the development of  the Tunisian Quality Control system of exported fruit and vegetable and processed food
  •   Assist in  the design of  the Tunisian Quality Control system of imported fruit and vegetable and processed food



Our activities

Develop for industrial sectors and related services:

  • International, regional and national markets analysis,
  • Strategic positioning of the sector with regard to international competition
  • Impact of implementation of a free zone agreement/ customs union on the sector efficiency
  • Strategy and an action plan to enhance the business environment develop export and foreign and local investment and enhance the quality
  • Assistance to Supporting Institutions and Business Associations in the implementation of the designed strategies through the conducting of business meetings, cluster development, policy support, law and regulation amendments, pilot programs for business upgrading, and institutional strengthening as well.

 Our references:

  • Designing a Strategy for Libya Exports Development, "National Export Strategy" (Client: UNIDO);
  • Study on Re-Compensation to Short-Term Decline in Revenue Collected within the Arab Customs Union (Client: UNDP);
  • Study on Exemptions Granted within the Arab Customs Union Framework (Client: UNDP);
  • Study on the Customs Revenues in the Arab Customs Union (Client: UNDP);
  • Technical assistance to the Regional Initiative to Support Sustainable Economic Development and the regional public-private dialogue platforms in Tunisia (Client: Transtec/EU);
  • Study on Effective Supply Chains and Integrated Regional Value Chains Within the SDGs Framework in the Arab world (UNDP)
  • Strategic Study on Opportunities for Cumulation of Origin & Complementarities in the sector of Agri-Business and Processed Food in the member states of the Arab Mediterranean Free Trade Agreement (Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt & Morocco) (Client: EU);
  • Concept note on the export development strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Client: UNDP);
  • Study on trade facilitation in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Sudan, using Public-Private Partnership Approach (Client: UNDP);
  • Design of an Industrial Upgrading Program for the Palestinian Ministry of Economy (Client: AFD);
  • Design of an Institutional building work plan for the setting up of Najaf Industrial Park Agency and a pre-feasibility and feasibility study for the creation an Industrial park in Basra and Najaf, Iraq (Client: LeadingPoint/UNIDO);

           We developed Sectorial Strategies enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs and formulated Action Plans for export and investment development value chain widening, Cluster Development, and improved Business Environment:

  • The Garment Strategy & Action Plan, JORDAN within EJADA  technical assistance project
  • A strategic study of the Tunisian furniture industry for Euro-Tunisia-Enterprise that highlight the impact of the Europe Union-Tunisia  Trade Agreement on local companies and develop strategies for both ailing and competitive companies
  • A strategic study and an action plan for the Tunisian knitwear industry within the Euro-Tunisia-Enterprise technical assistance project
  • Developed for Jordan Chamber of Industry- JCI a Strategy and Action Plan to restructure and improve the competitiveness of Jordan Ceramic Industry;
  •  Developed for Jordan Chamber of Industry- JCI a Strategy and Action Plan to restructure and improve the competitiveness of Jordan Steel Industry.
  •  Assisted in the design for the Tunisian Chemical Center  of  a strategic study for the chemical sector
  • Designed for EJADA (Euro-Jordanian Action for Development of Enterprise), Jordan Free zone map, and Industrial map.
  • Developed for ATU ”Agadir Technical Unit” a regional strategy “Opportunities for cumulating of origin & complementarities in the sector of textiles & apparel in the member states of the Arab Mediterranean Free trade Agreement of Agadir”.
  • Developed for ATU a regional strategy “Opportunities for accumulation of origin & complementarities in the sector of “Leather & Shoes” in the member states of the Arab Mediterranean Free trade Agreement of Agadir”.

In support of the implementation of some of the above mentioned strategies, we    conducted mentoring support & provided advocacy of private sector’s interest in assisting Amman/ Jordan Chamber of Industry, and support cluster creation JGATE (Jordan Garment Association), Jordan Shoes and Leather Association and JFEMA (Jordan Furniture of Exporters Association) and Automotive Manufacturers Association, the Jordan Steel Manufacturers’ Association, the ceramic focus  group  in performing the followings: 

  • Assist in the creation of the Tunisian  knitwear cluster performing common actions in design, market research, value chain widening sourcing and dying  of knitted fabrics; 
  • Formulating for Jordan MoIT proposals to implement designed strategies and alleviate impediments to Trade and SME development including simplification of procedures, improvement of port facilities and transportation;
  • Value chain widening: providing capacity building for the Jordan Garment Design Centre, and assist in the setting up of a furniture design centre.
  • Strengthening of supporting services (maintenance, laboratory and vocational training centers);
  • Assist in conducting collective export market research for a group of Jordanian Garment exporters targeting the Swedish garment market;
  • Assist in conducting outsourcing strategy for the Jordanian Garment Manufacturers and mentoring outreach of fabric, yarn and accessories supply from Italy and Turkey in substitution of imports from China enabling cumulating of origin when exporting to the EU;
  • Assist the footwear cluster in implementing safeguard measures against Chinese products;
  • Assist  the ceramic focus group and the Jordan  MoIT in formulating and establishing safeguard measures against imports;
  • Assist the Steel Manufacturers in claiming the enforcement of safeguard measures against imports;
  • Conduct a value chain analysis and Business Plan including a working capital restructuring and financing mentoring to enable 22 garment SMEs to shift from their current situation of subcontractors to become exporters of ready-to-sell products; and
  • Conduct value chain analysis and benchmarking for the following sub-sectors: fruit and vegetables, processed food,  cosmetics,  engineering and medical equipment

In support of the implementation of the above-mentioned strategy conduct  the following pilot programs:

  • Elaboration, within the “Euro-Tunisia-Enterprise” technical assistance program (European Union program) of  Marketing strategy and development of five years business strategies as pilot programs  for six ready-made garments’ companies   & for eighteen  furniture enterprises; and
  • Conduct, within the UNIDO technical assistance program, a marketing strategy, organization restructuring and development of five years business strategies as a pilot program for eleven ready-made garments’ companies;

  • Benchmarking Analysis, strategic positioning, market strategy & export promotion  regarding the  following sub-sectors :
    • Women’s underwear
    • Children’s ready-to-wear
    • Women’s ready-to-wear
    • Jeans and trousers
    • Tee-shirts and pullovers
    • Cheese products
    • Canned fish & tuna products
    • Canned fruit, vegetables & tomatoes
    • Processed Fruit & vegetables
    • Dates
    • Pastries & cake
    • Wheat products
    • Processed food for animals
    • Glass and ceramic ware
    • Ceramic tiles
    • Rebar


Our activities:

  • Export promotion strategic studies, ( country / product)
  •  Strategic positioning studies towards competition.
  • Export market researches.
  • Trade information’s systems and international databases connection.
  • Sales promotion: consumer/distributor enquiry, product’s references and positioning towards competition, labelling and advertising.
  • CRM

Our references:
  • Monitoring of export promotion projects implemented by the International Trade Centre (United Nations Organisation providing technical assistance in export promotion) :
  1. Trade representatives abroad
  2. Organisation of trade fairs abroad.
  3.  Trade Information: needs analysis, collection and dissemination.
  • Implementation of partner research missions for French investors, in Tunisia and Morocco, Euro challenge PARIS 1998-1999.
  •  Implementation of several commercial prospecting missions in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • ITC- Conduct a study “potential export development to Algeria of Tunisian automotive spare parts” 2005.
  • PMI(EU-Tunisian Industrial Modernisation Program): Assistance of Tunisian Garment Factories to shift from subcontracting to exporting finished products: VEGA CONFECTION, CYMODSICOVETSOLINCAFLYTEX, SMTC TEXCO, ZAOUI CREATION,CONFEXPORT,  TNC
  • Prepared, for the United Nation Development Program and the Tunisian Ministry of Trade a comprehensive study identifying, for each range of product, opportunities and threats for export development.
  • Developed databases, for the main industrial sectors, presenting for each product:
  • an analysis of the national exports and the evolution of their market shares in the EU, US, Gulf countries and Arab markets
  • an analysis of the exports of competitor countries such as China, and Turkey 

Institutional strengthening

Our activities:

  • Design business plans, upgrading strategy and work program for the setting up of business development institutions, technical centres, incubators and business development centres;
  • Design business plans, upgrading strategy and work program for the setting up of business association, export promotion, information and training centres;  
  • Design organisation structures, manuals of procedure, and project documents for the setting up of upgrading programs and technical assistance projects; and
  • Manage and assist in the setting up of business upgrading institutions and technical assistance projects

Our references:
  • Design and implementation of the Jordanian Upgrading Program;
  •  Design for EJADA the Jordanian Industrial Upgrading Strategy;
  • Participating in the whole stages of the implementation of the Tunisian Upgrading Programme;
  • Develop Donors’ outreach study  for  the setting up of an SME support project, a Grant Fund and a Guarantee Fund; 
  • Set up within ACED program of incubators for development of start-ups; backward linkages with incoming foreign investment; management and vocational training;
  • Design for the UEMOA “Economic  Monetary Union of Western Africa” of a Manual of Procedure for SME Upgrading;
  •  The design of a grant system promoting in Great Amman Municipality of an entrepreneurship development program based on the spin-off mechanism;
  • Design and development of the organizational chart of the Technical Centre of Textile (One of the main tools used by the  Government for the implementation of the Tunisian Upgrading Programme in the Textile Sector );
  •  UNIDO- Elaborated a Marketing strategy for Palestinian textile companies, carried out a seminar in Amman-Jordan and drafted a methodological guide to enhance Palestinian consultancy capabilities in undertaking marketing and business strategies and upgrading programs;
  • Organized for Jordanian officials , within the EJADA technical Assistance  Program and JICA (Japanese Technical Cooperation program)  study tours enabling a practical knowledge of Tunisian experience regarding:
    • The Tunisian upgrading program.
    • The Tunisian FDI policies and organization
    • The Tunisian experience in developing incubator, start up, and SME creation
    • The Tunisian experience in vocational training
    • The Tunisian experience in supporting, Micro-project, SME creation & financing.
  • Designed a training guide and conducted   workshops in Marketing, and Business Strategies within the UNIDO project « training program for  trainers » organized in CETTEX ( Tunisian textile technical centre) and aiming to strengthen the capabilities of Tunisian trainers;
  • ITC/Khartoum-Design and  setting up of a training centre in export and import operations and technics;
  • ITC/Khartoum-Design and  setting up of a trade information centre; and
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade/ ITC Design and setting up of a non-profit organization “the Tunisian Association of procurement managers” developing training, consultancy and trade information among importer

International Trade & Logistics
Our activities:

  • Conducting strategic studies enhancing modernisation of maritime transport and port facilities
  • Conducting feasibility studies of maritime transport regular lines
  • Conducting assistance for trade facilitation
  • Conducting studies enhancing international trade through the creation of trade houses and international trading companies
Our references:

  • Transportation, port unloading & handling:
  • Design for the Agadir Technical Unit “ATU”  of a strategic study that assesses the efficiency of the transport  between Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan presents an Action Plan to reduce the transport cost as well as a business plan for setting up regular transport lines between Agadir countries;
  • Ministry of Economy: Elaboration of a diagnostic of the Office des céréales de Tunisie and an Action Plan to improve the unloading and transportation of wheat in Tunisian Ports.
  • Assist in the creation of two port terminals for mechanical loading and unloading of wheat in the Ports of Bizerte and Gabes.
  • Office de Commerce de Tunisie :
  • - Assist in the creation of a port terminal for mechanical handling of sugar.
  • - Assist in the creation of terminal for mechanical handling of tea.
  • Trade Development and Support to Trade Facilitation:
  • simplification of procedures and streamlining of export and import logistics).
  • Streamlining of export and import quality control system.
  • Initiated the creation of the National Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee in Tunisia focusing on strengthening the forwarders and transporters capabilities and simplifying trade procedures and streamlining Port and Transport operations

  • International trade

  • Participated in conducting the feasibility study and the setting up of two International Trading Companies (SCIT and Universal Export) targeting African and Arab countries.
  •  A feasibility study was conducted for the creation of an International Trading Company of commodities (sugar, wheat and coffee) targeting exports to Islamic countries of imported commodities from the Global Market.


Cloud computing:

As a partner of Microsoft, we offer you a web browser that links you to our cloud’s network composed from various servers and applications enabling your data storage, processing,  and dissemination to the end users. According to our contract of services you could provide you with all kind of data for the management of your company: Storage of your Data; Production Planning and Control; dashboard for decision making; budget; financing; cost accounting; human resources management; accounting & payroll; Customer Relationship Management.

There is no more need to buy servers; ERP and CRM systems and to recruit IT staff to handle such applications.  

In paying a metered fee we will make available for you all our applications and data storage through a web browser or other access application enabling your access to stored and processed data and to exchange data with your colleagues and partners from anywhere you are located and at any time.

As our cloud computing system is dedicated to several clients, we are endowed, thanks to our large economy of scale, with the state of the art servers, processing and backup systems databases and software, that offer you the best services with the lowest cost.

Through our middleware and server virtualisation techniques and the high efficiency of our technology, we optimise the output of our servers and applications for the benefit of our clients.

We make affordable for our clients the services of advanced technologies in bringing hardware and software cost down thanks to our large economy of scale.

Our clients don’t need any more to buy advanced hardware and software and licenses for every employee.

We guarantee also the security and the privacy of your data through the use of the most sophisticated techniques to protect our clients ‘data. We use the authentication and authorization format that guarantees the client’s privacy. Each user can access only authorized data relevant to her or his job.


We assist in streamlining and setting up of management systems:

  • Dashboard and tools for decision-making process,
  • Production planning and control systems and Cost accounting systems
  • Supply chain management systems
  • Customer relationship management CRM,
  •  Budget per objective,  and financial management systems
  • Human resources management system, and  productivity assessment system,

We select, customise and set up for our clients the most convenient ERP that fit with its management system and its activities as well.

We conduct IT need Assessment & Assistance in the setting up of ERP systems and management software:

We developed the following IT projects:

  • Designed procurement software for SIEMENS, AUSTRIA.
  • Participated as SIEMENS’ subcontractor in the setting up for the “the Tunisian Chemical Group” of a “Maintenance Management Software” a “Stock & Inventory Management Software” and a “Procurement Software”.
  • Assisted the companies KAVIRA, ICT and EIKO in the setting up of a production planning and controlling software.
  • Organized for “the Tunisian Association of Procurement Managers” and with the collaboration of ITC of a computer based training (case exercises) on materials management.
  • Conducted for several companies  hundreds of Assessment of  Management Information System and formulation of IT Action Plan for improvement